Paul has a number of albums out. Hard copies may be available at gigs, although he is notorious for forgetting to take them along. Best bet is to head over to Band Camp...


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Pagan Girls - a song about how wonderful they are

Arch Druid - a song about how awful some of the are!

Hal-an-Tow - to welcome in the summer

John Barley Corn - one of favourite sacrificial gods

Ancestors - my offering to the debate on reburial of ancient remains

Clarion Call - all characters represented are real

Pagan Caravanning Society - middle age stuff

Far, Far Away - hopefully speaks for itself

Far Better Pagan

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Lucifer is my Pen Pal - this is not true

Administrators Song - a bit dated but still relevant

Hymn to Pan - after Mr Crowley

Hallelujah for Satan - a jolly little ditty

Pagan for Hire - inspired by some proper characters trying to save us all

I Will Listen - for my wife and for my goddess

Druid Song - with the good guy actually being Damh "Mr" The Bard!

Far Better Pagan - A chance to sing a long!

Arch Druid - Live & Dodgy

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I only created a few copies of this - it was thrown together at someone's request.

The Drinking Times

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Sacrifice - thanks to Nic Ford for the hook on this one

Christian Fundies - featuring an angelic wind instrument

Wacky Wicca - it's funny 'cause it's true

Homework Song - about my failing to be a Bard

Julian's Song - in memory of those who have gone before

Drinking Times - a quick overview of the modern pagan scene

Hey Ho (Choose Paganism) - new age meets paganism = bollocks

Janet, Oh Janet - I love Janet Farrar

Mad Magdalen

Dirty Toes

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Paul is a member of the English folk band, Mad Magdalen. Check them out here....

See them in action