The Raging Pagan

Paul Mitchell is a satirist in the UK pagan community. Singing songs about the many characters he's met in his spiritual journey

Suzie -  from Pagan Future Fests

Paul Mitchell – A favourite among audiences, fellow musicians and sound engineers alike.

Paul brings a breath of fresh air (or hurricane!) to any event. From beautifully crafted melodies revering the old ways, to side splitting observations on the many different flavours of Pagans we meet along the way. Be prepared to be inspired then laugh your socks off.

Organising events means always hoping that the acts that you book are not only great but reliable and easy to work with. We at Pagan Future Fests would highly recommend Paul Mitchell as he ticks all of the boxes. And a thoroughly good bloke too! (He told me to say that. Lol)

Paul Mitchell offers the pagan community a chance to laugh at itself. With a mix of satirical and jolly songs aimed at the very hearts of those who use paganism for self promotion, Damh The Bard has said Paul's songs can bring boils out on the faces of those targeted.

Along with the pagan themed tunes, Paul offers a few folk songs from the heart of the English folk tradition. A driving 12-string guitar, passionate voice and heartfelt words combine to create a bigger sensation than a man and guitar normally can.

Recently accused of "selling his soul" for supporting a particular event, Paul supports the wider pagan community in a variety of ways from running a local moot to other, more time consuming ways. He's even working with a fabulous friend around a potential "Druids On Bikes" group .... watch this space!

Paul has been playing around camp fires and at festivals for about 2 decades now, including Witch Fest, OBOD Assemblies, Pagan Future Fest events and even in Arizona, USA.